Transitioning to home health care can be scary and unsettling to your loved one. When you’re setting up home health care, tell them exactly what you prefer and what his or her daily routine is.  Be very specific so you get exactly what you want.  Daily routines should be kept as they are and if there are any household rules you have such as “no smoking” let them know.  If they are an early riser and want care early in the morning, let them know that.   For instance if they like breakfast when they get up not an hour or so after that this needs to be maintained.

Keeping disruptions in your loved ones life is up most important. Talk about hours of service needed, any appointments that they need rides to and any other services that will need to be performed.  Some seniors need privacy during the day while others love the company so make sure to state that.  Be completely upfront about all the care needed so everyone works together to make them feel secure and comfortable.

At Right Choice Healthcare we believe in providing for our clients’ needs with dignity and respect while helping them do the things they enjoy in a safe and supportive home environment. We use a personalized approach that makes a big difference in your loved ones life. We feel honored to be a part of your loved ones life and love getting to know them. Helping them to continue to do what they enjoy in life is a priority while giving the best care possible