Ritechoice Healthcare Services offers many of the same services you receive in a hospital or nursing home in the comfortable, familiar environment of your own home. Consider our home care services if:

  • You have a chronic condition, such as diabetes, that has a likelihood of worsening and would benefit from monitoring by a nurse.
  • You are managing a wound that has not yet fully healed or are recovering from surgery.
  • You have suffered a recent fall or are otherwise at risk of a fall injury.
  • You wish to reduce the length of a hospital or nursing home stay.
  • You are returning home after an illness or injury and have not reached your former health or ability.
  • You require physical or speech therapy.
  • You need training to adjust to new medical equipment, a therapeutic diet, or medications.

We Offer:

For questions and inquiries about our services, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 419-469-8900.