Providing Medical & Non-Medical Services

We provide care in your own home, on your schedule, at your convenience

Skilled Nursing

At RiteChoice Healthcare Services, we believe that where you live affects your lifestyle. A home that is well managed and organized can significantly improve your quality of living. In line with this, we focus our services in giving you support through our Homemaking Program.

Physical Therapy

Before we render our physical therapy services, we will first do an in-depth assessment and check for your doctor’s referral in order to be eligible for our physical therapy services.

Coordination of Care

Here at RiteChoice we are focused on making sure you receive the proper care at every stage of your treatment. For the best treatment, we believe that all providers should work together with the patient, by sharing important information and by having clear, shared expectations about their roles. RiteChoice knows that by working together to keep our patients and their families informed and ensuring effective referrals take place that the patient will receive the best possible care.

Home Health Aide Services

Our home health aide services are aimed to help our patients care for themselves with our assistance. Rest assured that our home health aides are experienced in caring for elders and patients with disabilities.

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapy services are available for our patients who have been referred by a doctor. We will perform an evaluation of your condition in order to create the best care plan that is right for you.


Our goal is to restore your health and give you your life back after an injury or illness through our several therapy services. You deserve to have your life back and RiteChoice is motivated to give that to you through the best possible means necessary. 

Medical Social Work

We offer medical social work for our patients who cannot do it on their own or if their family is otherwise unavailable. The medical social work services we offer at RiteChoice Healthcare may include but are not limited to grief counseling, crisis intervention, and case management.

Speech Therapy

Our speech therapy services are available for everyone. This is not limited to small children with stuttering problems, it is also for people who have speech and language disorders.

Infusion Therapy

At RiteChoice Healthcare, we understand that each patient is different and needs personalized care. Infusion therapy is the process of administering medication through a needle or catheter and is for those patients who are unable to eat or drink. RiteChoice takes your health seriously, which is why we have made sure that our professional nurses are properly trained and credited to offer this service in your home when you most need it.